Quotes help us with inspiration

Sometimes you go around with a feeling, that you can’t express because you might never understood it, or have no idea how to tell it. And that’s where quotes saves us. Some people just have it easier with feelings and words, so they save us, with the perfect quote. Many writers has done this for years. They don’t just tell a story by using their … Continue reading Quotes help us with inspiration

A lifetime of traveling

Considering that I’m only nineteen, I’ve actually been a lot of places. Visited lots of cities, countries, continents, islands and experienced a lot of different cultures, and I’ve enjoyed all of it. There are of course still places, countries on my wish list, and continents I’ve never been too, but you’re not supposed to visit everything. Are you? Since I was a little girl, I’ve … Continue reading A lifetime of traveling

2 days on Ven, Sweden

About two weeks ago I went to the little island, Ven to relax. Ven is a island between Denmark and Sweden. If you’re standing on the north part of the island, and the weather is good, then you’ll could see Denmark and Sweden meet. You’ll could see to Helsingborg (Sweden) and Helsingør (Denmark). The island is in Length: 4.5 cm, width: 2.4 km, Circumference: 11.7 km and area: … Continue reading 2 days on Ven, Sweden