Quotes help us with inspiration

Sometimes you go around with a feeling, that you can’t express because you might never understood it, or have no idea how to tell it. And that’s where quotes saves us. Some people just have it easier with feelings and words, so they save us, with the perfect quote. Many writers has done this for years. They don’t just tell a story by using their own words, but also help others with taking words and put it into art. For me I love to write about my feelings, and are just kinda a dork when it comes to expressing them trough art and poetry. But of course even the best of us can fall into a hole of not knowing how to express us self, and that’s when I go to quotes. For inspiration. It can really help you to let loose or find inspiration to your daily life, writing, love, life, motivation or something different.

But they all come in different genres. What are you looking for? Is it inspiration to your next book? For a love letter? A birthday card, an invitation, blogging, writing, or again something different. It can also just be to write your feelings, when reading it.

But it can also be overwhelming and confusing. Sometimes even distracting. At this time right now, I’m actually trying to do more writing. For a few years ago I wrote all the time. It was my passion and I wrote lots of novels, and even almost a book. I still don’t know why I fell out of it, I guess I fell into photography instead. But I really want to do better with my writing, and that’s why this is a good practice. Writing openly. Find inspiration. And one of the things I do most, is traveling. And at this right moment, I have summer holiday, which means that I can travel a lot more. I’ve already been to Budapest with my orchestra (post following) and in a few days, I’m traveling to Portugal with my mother. I’m even going to Bornholm (a small Danish island) for my cousins 18th birthday. So I hope to find more inspiration, sine I’m filled with ideas, but don’t know how to get them down on paper, or on a computer screen.

I would call myself a creative person, since I’ve done ballet, play the saxophone, photographs, write, and as my friends tell me, I’m very wise and poetic.

Therefor I’ve made a list of some of my favourite travel quotes. Maybe they’ll even inspire you.


















I hope that some of these quotes will give you inspiration to whatever you’re struggling with at this moment.

(All the pictures is of my making)

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