Top cafés is Copenhagen


Summer is finally here. And boy have we been waiting for this weather, I would like to think so. It’s finally summer holiday and that means tourist everywhere, but it also means more time for drinking coffee and in this heat, it’s made to be sitting outside. Copenhagen has a lot to offer, and it’s way easier to walk around in this beautiful city. But after walking for hours it is nice to hit one of the many cafés we have in CPH. So I thought that I would share some of my favourite go-to cafés in this city.

Us Danes love to go for brunch or coffee, tea, lunch, drinks or a little bite with friends and family, so we do have lots and lots of places to go. And if you read other travellers blogs, or go to the officiel websites for the larger cities, you will find that most people visit the same places. But I’m a local and I enjoy going to the smaller and more quite, intimate spots, so if you want to feel like a local, this is for you. Or if you just want to try something new (no matter if you’re Danish, new to the city or returning), this is for you.

In Denmark (partly Scandinavia), we have a word we LOVE to use. It’s how we express ourself, when we’re with one-another, is hygge. There’s no direct translation for this word, but you may (or may not) have seen it somewhere. Anyway, this is my favourite go-to spots for a little hygge time, with friends and family. Enjoy.



Mecca opened a few months ago. It has a great location on the east side of Copenhagen. It’s a huge café, so there’s lots of space. You can buy coffee, hot chocolate, chai latte, juices, sandwichs, cakes, lunch and pastries. I can vow for their cheesecakes and say that they are delicious. I love the mango, passion fruit, cherry and Ferrero Rocher. What I really love here, is that also serve different types of milk, because I’m lactose, so this is perfect for me, since I can get lactose free milk in my coffee. They also have free wifi.

Mango cheesecake, large latte & small latte
Café Mocca
Strandboulevarden 59 – 2100, Copenhagen

You can get there by train, bus or feet. It’s close to the train station: Nordhavn. Where all (except the F-line) S-trains stops. You can also take the 8A or the 3A bus. It’s not to far from the ships either. So if you’re going with some of the larger boats, this is simply on your way.. almost.



For my number two, I have the pastry shop, Leckerbaer. Here you can buy goods with you home, or enjoy it at the scene. You can also have a peek through the windows from the streets and see some behind-the-scene action. This is my go-to place for iced coffee. One of the best things about their iced coffee is that it isn’t actually expensive. Because Copenhagen is an expensive city, you try to find places where you can get good quality drinks and foods, but without paying too much. Here you can buy an iced coffee, for only 36 DKK. Here you can buy pastry, dough-to-go, coffee, ice cream sandwiches, and more.

20170617_154039 kopi.jpg
iced coffee

The shop offers space inside and outside. It’s very small, but it’s comfy. If the shop is filled, then no worries. You can always take it to-go and go in to the Fælledpark (park) or go sit by one of the five lakes. It’s very central.

The shop is closed on Sundays and Mondays, but otherwise it’s opened on the other days.

Skærmbillede 2017-06-19 kl. 20.54.46.png
Ryesgade 118 – 2100, Copenhagen

You can get there, by going on foot, or take bus 3A, 1A or 14. Because it’s close to the five lakes, you can walk to the shop from everywhere in Copenhagen.

Bertels Salon

For my number three, is Bertels Salon. It’s located in the inner city of Copenhagen, close to the shopping street: Strøget. So if you’ve been shopping all day and you feel like sitting down, drink a cup of tea or coffee and eat some cake, then this is the spot! Bertels Salon serves the best cheesecakes in the city! The’ve won the AOK City’s Best a few times, and well served! I love their mango, key lime, berry, Oreo and classic. They make all the cakes themselves and they have tons of different kinds. From berry, to chocolate, to fruit and classic. They also have tons of different teas.

classic cheesecake & key lime
2x big latte & 2x cheesecakes

You can either sit outside or indoor. They have to floors, so even if it seems packed, maybe you’re lucky. It is very popular, so be prepared for a packed day. I’ve never been there and had to go, because of to many people. But I’m sure one day I will get to experience it.

They do have one on Frederiksberg, so if you find yourself there, try looking that one up.

Skærmbillede 2017-06-19 kl. 21.09.19.png
Kompagnistræde 7 – 1146, Copenhagen

You can get here by foot, bus 1A, 2A, metro to Kongen Nytorv, or take the S-train to either Nørreport or Vesterport. I do prefer taking the bus, bike or just walk. It’s very central, so Kongens Nytorv, Nyhavn, Nørreport, the town square, Strøget is close my. There are even lots of sightseeing close by as well. So it’s perfect for a little stop, especially if your feet are getting tired 😉



For my fourth is Kaffestuen, which translate to coffee living room. Kaffe = coffee, stuen = living room.

This is a little quite spot. They make breakfast, brunch, coffee, tea, juices and pastries. Their chocolate au pain is amazing! They are so crisp and I tried my best to eat it slow, so I could enjoy it more. They only use organic milk, which is very normal for Danes. In my family that’s the only thing we buy, so this is just perfect!

2x ice latte, 2x glasses of water & one chocolate au pain

It’s a small space, but very comfortable. You can either sit inside, or outside.

Skærmbillede 2017-06-19 kl. 21.22.46.png
Østerbrogade 150 – 2100, Copenhagen

The café is located on the east side of the city. You can take the S-train and stop at either Nordhavn or Svanemølle. You can also take bus 1A or 8A.


inner city

For my last one is Lagkagehuset, which is a bakery. The great thing about this one is that it’s everywhere in Denmark. So if you’re going to somewhere else in Denmark, you will be able to find it in some of the other cities. You will also find it at the airport (outside and inside), the train stations and everywhere in Copenhagen itself.

cafe latte & Danish pastry
3 different muffins: rhubarb, banana, blueberry 

What I love about this bakery is that again, if you’re lactose, you will be able to buy it here in you coffee as well. They make salads, sandwiches, juices, lemonade, cake, pastry, bread, tarts and anything else that you mind find in a bakery.

!Two small tips…! If you’re a student, you will get some discount on your coffee. And if you’re in the city (or Denmark) for a little while and this ends up being you go-to for coffee or breakfast, you’ll be able to get bread for free. If you have receipt on either 500 DKK, or 1000 DKK, you’ll be able to get either 1 (500 DKK) or 2 (1000 DKK) bread for free.

For finding the bakery close to where you are, you can use their official website, or just write Lagkagehuset into your google maps.

I hope that you’ll all find Copenhagen as beautiful as I do everyday. If you’re interested in learning something about the city, or wants to know about other places to go for a drink or a bite, then don’t hesitate to write a comment. Or if you found a place in Copenhagen that you loved and wants to recommend, then please also write.

I hope some of you found this useful and will return to my page again, or even go follow.

Until next time,



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