Swimming at sundown


The summer has finally arrived to Copenhagen. Back in spring, we did have a few summer days, but then when summer finally came, then the good weather was gone. We’ve had a few good days now, that has been sunny. Today we had the most Danish summer weather. So it started out warm and then the blue clear sky came, with lots of warm and lovely sun. Until then later the clouds came and it just started poring down. Like heavy rain! It’s very normal for Denmark and it’s actually the most typical summer weather, but any who..


A few days ago I went for an evening walk with my close friend and we went down to the ocean. Not far from where I live is a beach – Svanemølle strand. So when we came down there, I naturally went to dip my feet in the water. And because we live kinda north, it makes sense that the ocean water would be slightly cold – even though it’s summer. But to my surprise it really wasn’t. And yes, if you ask my friends they will tell me that I’m very warmblooded, but I wasn’t the only one in the water, kids and adults were as well. But after a while I felt like staying in the water, and even swimming… But… I didn’t have any swimming suits or towel with me, so I couldn’t go deeper out. My friend told me that I was being silly, that I should just forget about it, but I wanted to go swimming!



So I called my mother and persuaded my mother to bring me my bathing suit and a towel, and let me point out that even though I don’t live long away from the beach, it still takes about 20 minitues to walk down there. So she came and I got in the water for a few swims. Lucky I had my camera with me (another project I’m working on), so my friend took quite a few photographs. 


So even though I got my wish of swimming in the lovely water, the most amazing part was seeing the sundown going down on the same water that I was swimming in. It was absolutely breathtaking!




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