Taste Test on youtube


So a few weeks ago I went on my friends youtube channel. She is an up-coming youtube, who has done tree videos so far. She is a really sweet girl and I gave her this idea of doing a taste test on her channel, so she did. So basically I went shopping in a grocery store close to where I live and bought some different sweets, chocolate and other stuff. It was first after I had bought it that I came to realize that I mostly bought chocolate, so after a while we both got really thirsty and full.

But yes, she had to guess what I had bought and well, she wasn’t as good at it as i had thought. But it was really fun to film it with her. Her channel is called Emilie’s World and you can also go check her social media out.

If you want to see the video I was in, it’s right here: Taste Test.

I hope that you so far have enjoyed my post. Until next time,



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