2 days on Ven, Sweden

About two weeks ago I went to the little island, Ven to relax. Ven is a island between Denmark and Sweden. If you’re standing on the north part of the island, and the weather is good, then you’ll could see Denmark and Sweden meet. You’ll could see to Helsingborg (Sweden) and Helsingør (Denmark). The island is in Length: 4.5 cm, width: 2.4 km, Circumference: 11.7 km and area: 760 ha. It’s a very little island, but it’s quite and lovely. It’s a island filled with charm, small houses, soul, fun, nature and perfect for a weekend get-away or family picnic.


The island was owned by Denmark, but Sweden got it in 1960. Sweden then later renamed the island from Hven, to Ven. What the island is mostly famous for is Tycho Brahe. He was born in 1546 and later got the island from the Danish king. There is lot of history behind all this and you can read it on their official website. If you are into since, then this is something for you!

But I went back, alone this time. I wanted to relax and since I haven’t been there for a long while, I thought that it was perfect. When I was younger, this was a favorite spot for my family and I. We even once celebrated my brothers birthday there. It may be a little island, but there are lots to do there. Most people visit the island for a day. You can rent bikes, so it i very easy – you can also just take your won bike with you.

There are two ways to visit the island. You can either come from Sweden or Denmark. From Denmark you can be there around 11 and go back again at ca. 16:30. There is a boat from Denmark to the island.

As I wrote earlier there are a lot to do, so I thought I would tell you guys what I enjoy. But otherwise you can go and check their website out, where they write about it all.

  1. Hven Durum: This bakery is the best of the best. It is a little bakery with it’s own mill. The mill is beside the bakery and the lady owning it is very sweet. She bakes the best cinnamon buns and bread. You can visit the bakery from 08-14. DSC_0243.jpg
  2. Kyrkbacken: This is one of the harbours that the island has. It’s where you can find all of the smaller boats coming in and it’s where you’ll find the fish restaurant. There are a couple and I can tell you guys that it gets very crowded in summer. You can also buy ice cream and sandwiches here.
  3. The landscape itself: What I’ve always loved about this island is it’s landscape. When you come to visit in late spring, early summer, you’ll find the island covered in yellow flowers. All the fields are yellow as the sun. You can hear the birds sing, see the hares hop around and see pheasant everywhere. I must admit that after a while you start to get really ignored by how they surprise you all the time. Sometimes I enden up jumping, because they just came running from the forest. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll even see Bambi’s family, deers.
  4. Mini golf: If you miss some fun family competition, then head to the mini golf at the camping site. They have some really fun, but hard ones. They got creative with them.
  5. Walking around the island: If you don’t feel like you’ve walked enough, you can always take the walk around the island up or down. If you want to it doesn’t take long to walk the whole island around.

These are some of my favorites, but again there are the whole Tycho Brahe museum and bike renting. There is also a lot of other restaurant and cafés. You can even play golf, taste their whisky and look a art.

Now to the ones who are thinking about staying there, like I did there are different opportunities. You can go for camping in your own tent or loan a cottage, Bed & Breakfast, 4 star hotel, single rooms, a hostel close to the harbour where the boats sail in and even a conference center, so it’s just what you want to chose for your accommodation.

Whenever I visit, I always sleep in my own tent. It’s easier and cheaper. An their camping site is really good. When I first visited it as a little girl, they didn’t have much, but the really have done mucDSC_0078.jpgh! There are lots of space for tents. There is a café/restaurant, kiosk, mini golf, kitchen where they have everything you’ll need, bathrooms with showers and a playground for the small kids. The camping site is by the ocean, so you can also take a dip if you want. The camping site isn’t long away from the smallest harbour, with the best beach. You can also go straight into the woods from the camping site and head up to the fields. They really have everything you’ll need. But if you don’t feel like sleeping in a tent, you can always rent a cottage.




While being there I went up to photograph the sundown and it was absolutely breath taking.




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