Good food places in Bilbao


I’ve been spending my Easter in Vienna, but also in Spain. I went to the far north of the country for a week with my mother and it was really nice. We stayed in the little city, Bilbao I’ve been to Spain before, but not that part. When you visit countries, there will always be differences to where in the country that you are and let me tell you, this was an experience for itself. Currently writing this post, my mum is still in Spain hiking the Camino de Santiago

But anyway, I’ve chosen to tell about the places that I’ve eaten in order to guide you guys, if you ever come past this lovely city. To keep in mind this list isn’t in any specific order.


Alisas Barri

It’s a sweet little cafe/bar located in the new town of Bilbao. My mum and I choose a 3 meal menu and had a glass of white wine each. The starter was a salad mix. I was very excited for eating salad, because I love it so much, but to my big surprise it wasn’t really what I’d hoped for. Apparently in Northern Spain you put tuna in your salad, so I didn’t have that much to it. But the salad was very fresh. For the main course we got salmon. And I’ve got to point out that I’m not really a fish person (I guess you’re kinda already might have guessed that), but I really enjoyed this. It was so tasty and delicious. It had got just enough and I ate all of it. Unfortunately, I haven’t got any picture of this foods, so your kind of just have to take my word for it. For dessert, I tasted my very first caramel flan. Yeah, didn’t really like it. But the wine was great. One thing I would like to point out is that have just a little knowledge of Spanish will really help you.



This places have the best looking cakes. It’s a bakery located in the beginning of the old town. My mum and I ate two cakes together. One a bit dry with nuts and the other one a tower of yumminess. We also drank each a coffee frappe. Best frappe ever! It was so delicious and it actually tasted of coffee. Yum. You can see their cakes and breads in the window from the street and when you enter it just keeps on coming. They have to levels + outside tables.




This place was so awesome. It had the radest decoration and the whole room was just amazing. The food was of course delicious and the waiters really polite. The indoor design was just so cool. We choose a two meal menu, where we each drank a glass of white wine. For the starters we shared some bread and then humus and avocado. It was delicious. For the main course my mum choose duck and I, chicken.






We actually went back to this place. Normally I don’t like going back to places, because I want to try somewhere new. But when we came back from a little village by the ocean, I really craved the salad that I’d eaten. They have burgers, starters, pastas, menus, salads and more international things, like wok etc. I ate the Mexican salad and it was so yummy. First time we came ate there, my mum ate the salad as well. Second time, she ate a burger with goat cheese and she really enjoyed it. I asked for a light beer and I only had to take one sip to know that it was a Heineken. I felt very proud. Normally it’s my brother who knows stuff like this.


If you ask me, you can get too much of fish and meat, so eating something else, or even just eating food from another nationality can really boost your energy – if you ask me. And there aren’t really that many restaurants that actually make spicy food and I love spicy food, so when we stopped by an Indian restaurant, I got really excited. And therefore I’ll present the next restaurant.



Punjab is located in the new town. So my mum ate some lamb tikka with rice and I ate butter chicken. Both spicy. Together we shared some garlic naan and got some dip to it. But you can’t eat Indian without drinking mango lassie next to it. So of course we drank that. I may have drunk to glasses, plus the rest of my mums second. It was all so good. They spiciness was just perfect and the naan was perfect. The lassie on the other hand was horrible against me. When I drink lassie I can’t stop myself. When I’ve first started, it’s so hard to stop. I really hate the feeling, it’s a weird craving.



Located in the new town, but close to the old town. It’s a part of a restaurant and it’s very fancy. The design inside of the restaurant is very modern Scandinavian. Wood furniture’s and clean lines and light colours. For every evening they put out a 3 course menu. For starters I choose the heart lettuce salad with smoke salmon and black olives vinaigrette. For the main course, I choose the veal entrecote with vegetables and red wine sauce. And at last for dessert, I choose the brownie of chocolate with passion fruit. To drink, we got a local Spanish white wine Txakoli Mendraka 2015 and it was delicious. We actually tried to find it in a wine store, but everything was closed and the supermarket didn’t store it. So now I’m looking for it on the internet. We prefer dry wine, so this is very lovely.


Pizza via

On our last evening in Bilbao my mum asked we what I wanted to eat and I said ‘’pizza!’’. So with help from a offline app I found different pizza places and this was one of them. It was a bit pricey, but what I really liked was that they had pizzas for vegetarians. They even had an option where you could build your own pizza on the basic of an Margarita. So my mum and I both choose that. I put mushroom, cherry tomatoes, capers and rucola on mine. It was so delicious. They actually gave us the rucola in a small plastic bag, so it could hold fresh.


Now to something a bit different, but still very important. Something very dear to my heart, ice cream. When we went to the little town by the ocean, we stopped at an ice cream shop. He couldn’t any English, so instead of getting 3 different scoops in one cup, I got two of the same.



This ice cream is so delicious. It can vary from the different types. So I’ve tried 4 different and there was one that really just was perfect. It was actually the one that I by mistake got two of. In Bakio (the small town we visited) I ate this one 2 times… ready? It was Nutella. Delicious. Absolutely. Perfect. It was so smooth and creamy. They really got the taste and texture from the normal Nutella in the glass. It had so much taste and was just creamy. So if you’re a Nutella lover, this is just PERFECT for you! I also tried the coffee. If you love or just like coffee, this is perfect as well. It has that direct and strong taste of coffee. It’s like eating a coffee bean. In Bilbao I tried the cheesecake and After-Eight. Not my favourites.




The morning before I was going home, we stopped at a bakery in the old town. My mum had been here before, so she recommended it. I ate 2 croissants and 1 chocolate au pain. To that, I had a strawberry/banana smoothie. If you love coffee, but only drink it if it’s made on good beans, then this is a place for you. All of their coffee is made on 100% Arabic coffee beans. What I really liked about their croissants was that they had put saffron in the dough. It made it yellow, but it also tasted a great deal better.



Dinner bonus:

At the pension in Bakio, my mum had paid for eating dinner. So for the two evening we got two different food menus. I have to tell you, we got very surprised and the first evening my mum got very full. If you are a love for seafood, this will be the place for you. And if you’re also (or just) a lover for real Gastronomic food, this is also perfect!


The first evening:

We were served bread and white wine too the food.


Cod with potatoes and onion / apple compote.

Tuna mousse inside a croissant.

Fried cheese bites


Main course:

Squid with alga sauce.



with foam and chocolate sauce.


The second evening:

We were again served bread and white wine too the food.


Green summer Soup.

Red pepper fruit with squid

Fried cheese bites


Main course:

Pork chop



Spanish cake



At the first hotel we stayed at, we got the best breakfast. What I really liked about it was that they really had everything. You could order fresh eggs, make your own smoothie. They had a kids corner and they even had 6 different milks, which I really enjoy on base of being allergic to milk. They had: whole milk, soy, almond, lactose free, skimmed milk and oats milk. I really recommend this hotel also because all who worked there was really nice. It was really pricey and expensive, so if you travel on budget this is not a place for you. You can find them here: Hesperia.





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