A Few Days in Vienna & Graz

As written in my last post, I was on my way with Austria Airlines. From Saturday to today (Tuesday) I’ve been in Austria. I have a friend who lives in Vienna. It’s a longterm friendship and she is one of my best of friends. She is dear to my heart. The last time we saw each other was 2 years ago, so we agreed that it was time for a meet up. So I flew to Vienna for a couple of days. The night that I came (Saturday) we went to a bar, for a couple of drinks. Her sister came with us, so that we had a responsible driver. So no drinking for her! On Sunday we spent the time with her family. Her younger half sister had her 11th Birthday, so it had to be celebrated. We went out for lunch and later went to their family house for cake and champagne. It was a lot of fun, even thought I had no idea od what they were talking about. My friend and I communicate in English (because my German suck) and apparently her family wasn’t that good at English. So I was only talking with her, her sister and mother (whom I’ve meet before). On Monday we went for a little drive around and went to the Vienna Naschmarkt. It was a lot of fun and I got some great shoots:

I had my Nikon D5200 with me and used a 50mm lense.

Later on we went to the Prater which is a theme park where you can try different fun houses, rides, eat delicious food, ice cream, fairy floss etc.


While being there I of course had to eat a Langos. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a traditional Hungarian food. It’s a deep fried flat bread. It’s the most ridiculous delicious flat bread that I’ve ever tasted. I can’t wait for this summer, when I’m going to Budapest with my orchestra. I’m going to eat myself fat in this…

After the park we took the car and drove to Graz. It only took 2 hours, so we’ve just having a blast to the music. We stayed at a little loft 15 from the city centre. After putting our bags there, we went for a walk into the city. She showed me Uhrturm which is a clock tower. It got some great shots there. What a view!

She also showed me the river, a church and another park.

It was really nice to be back to Austria and I can’t wait for my next adventure, which start tomorrow, when I go to Spain.



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