Business class by accident

A few weeks ago I started to talk with one of my friends who live in Vienna, Austria. We both agreed that it had been too long since we’ve been seeing each other, so we talked forth Nd back about coming to visit. It ended up being me coming to her. So I bought a ticket for Vienna. And I bought it about one and a half weeks before departure, which meant that it ended up being a bit pricey. But luckily I was only going to bring handluggage, so it was a bit less pricey. Any who they day of the departure my mum followed me to the airport and I had a look on my boarding pass.  It said ‘business class’. First my mum and I was like “hmm…” but as it turned out I ended up in business class. My own printed out ticket didn’t say anything about that, so that’s why we got surprised. So my mum teased me and said that maybe I would get a drink and a snack, but little did she know that I actually got more.

The economy class got drinks and a snack, but business  (I) got so much more. I got dinner (Rice with chicken and vegetables), dessert (some kind of cheesecake), bread with butter, coffee and drinks. I went with white wine and water – because I’m a sucker for white wine. I mean, OMG! And the most amezing part was that the napkin was made if that expensive material  (you know like when you go to fancy restaurants) and the glasses was made of glass. Even the coffee cup had a gold handel, I mean wow!

The flight attendants was so nice and smiley all the trip through. And a person like me, who hates flying but does it all the time, they were so sweet and actually very polite. I mean I’ve almost always had polite flight attendants. So thank you so much to Austrian Airlines.





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