Cherry blossom

Copenhagen’s number 1 attraction is now ready. So if you are in Copenhagen right now hurry out. And yes, I’m talking about the cherry trees in Bispebjerg cemetery Bispebjerg cemetery You can find it in Copenhagen NW. While it’s a beautiful view you have to hurry, because when they’ve blossom all out they die pretty fast! And the most important thing, visit them in the morning or at a time where no people are around. I did it before school, so around 08 am.


As you can see, I got lucky. Also it was a pretty morning. While you’re there, you can also stop by the church: Grundvigs kirke. It’s so beautiful from the inside. I once played a concert in there. Grundvigs church

Here are soe more photos from the cemetery cherry trees:




While I was at the chemistry I also took a bike ride around and took some pictures:



And at last I went around the Gentofte lake. It’s located in Gentofte close to the motorway. Gentofte lake Here i also took a few pictures:



xxx Freja


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