Last 10 pictures on my phone

Hi there,

A little time has passed and in those couple of hours I had a little time to brainstorm some great ideas for posts. And then it hit me (after reading through other peoples blogs about post ideas) that it could be fun to share my last ten pictures on my phone and tell the story behind it/them. Maybe it wound’t make sense or maybe it will, I guess I’ll find out… Fair warning I got some weird crap on my phone.

#1 I had chemistry in school and I took this picture, because I would need it for the next report. I got to say, chemistry is not my favourite subject, but I do find it more logic than math!


#2 I took this Friday (2 days ago) in my lunch break. Some of the girls from my class was going to by pizza, so I went with them. Close to the pizzaria is a flower shop/marked and I just couldn’t help myself to a picture. 20170331_122122

#3 Now this one I feel like need an explanation. Mostly because that the f…. As you can see it is a window, but it’s also a decoration for Easter. I wouldn’t say that Easter is a huge thing in Denmark, but we do love funny shaped chocolates and marshmallows.


#4 So as you might have guessed, this is for math (in school). Yeah, I have a lot of assignments so that was what I did for the weekend. Can you guess what I’m working on?


#5 Now what is this? I’m happy you’re wondering. This is the map for the S-trains in Copenhagen. Why do I have it as a picture? Great question, if I’m honest I really can’t remember. As you can see, we have a lot of colours. It’s just to make it easier. Every train line has it’s own colour. The good thing for me is that I live so central that I can take every S-train (okay not all, one that I can’t take, but you don’t need it).


#6 Photograph taken by me. Yes, I was bored yesterday, so I did a little self-portrait project. I did actually buy coffee beforehand, but… my mum told me too, so…


#7 Taken from Instagram (@freepeople) I really liked this picture. I thought that it was sweet and could be a good reminder for us all. Also my best friend keeps saying this to me, so I kinda thought about her when I was it. This one will go to my quote collection.


#8 Again, taken from instagram (@disneyprincess_) I just found it really funny. So here you have it.


#9 Instagram (@p.oetico) I found it really true. I mean somedays we just can’t deal and sometimes people hurt us or disappear on us…


#10 Hello again (@p.oetico). One word: LIFE


Well this was all for today. Hope you enjoyed it guys and if you have any suggestions please feel free to write! Hope to see you return 😉

Love Freja xx


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